End of Day Procedures


STEP 1: Purge

At the end of your event, close off all CO2 valves and pull the relief valve on your CO2 coupler (N) to bleed the excess pressure in the kegs. Re-pressurize to 10-12 PSI if there is leftover beer.

Leaving kegs at 30 PSI for an extended amount of time will over-carbonate your beer or other beverage (over 12 hrs).

STEP 2: Flush

Flush out the inside of the jockey box coils ASAP. Do not let beer or other beverages sit inside of the the jockey box coils when not in use.

Detailed cleaning instructions

STEP 3: Dump Ice

Pro Tip: Don't use the lid as a handle. It will damage the cooler lid.

STEP 4: Store

Store dry. CO2 or compressed air can be used to remove any liquids left inside the coils. To keep the outside looking brand new, wipe down the outside of the cooler with a cleaner and a damp cloth.

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