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Pouring Different Beverages from a Jockey Box

Pouring Different Beverages from a Jockey Box

Jockey boxes aren’t just for beer. Cider, wine, champagne, kombucha, soda, blended cocktails, and other kegged beverages can be poured from our portable draft systems.


Wine and other highly acidic or excessively sugary (think alcoholic root beer, etc.) beverages need high-quality components to withstand their liquid makeup. All COLDBREAK® premium jockey boxes are made from food-grade stainless steel (SAE 304) components.


Looking to pour red and white wines at the same time out of your jockey box? Easy! You’ll just need to make one simple modification for the tap line you intend to use for reds (to bypass the ice).  

Any pre-installed coil can be easily removed (and re-installed when needed). Then, in its place, install a Bypass Jumper in its place. This allows red wine to stay at your keg’s desired temperature while not being affected by your whites that are getting chilled via the stainless steel coils.

For pouring wine, we also recommend our wine faucets.

wine from a jockey box


Any inert gas can be used to pressurize your kegs and push beverages through our jockey boxes.

CO2 is the common default gas used. However, beer or other beverages on nitro or “beer gas” (approx. 25% CO2 / 75% N) can be served. To accomplish this, you’ll need to use a nitro faucet, and a gas blender with a tank of CO2 and a tank of N (recommended), or a tank with a pre-blended mix (inquire with your vendor for accuracy and integrity of mix).

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