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HERMS Coil - Stainless Steel

HERMS Coil - Stainless Steel

Maintain your mash temp like a pro with our 1/2" x 50' Stainless Steel HERMS Coil. Perfect for step mashing 10-15 gallon batches of your favorite brew. They are in stock and ready to ship.

Coil diameter - 12"
Inlet/outlet length - 2.5" (14.5" total)
Distance from inlet/outlet - 8.5" (can be stretched to 18")
Overall coil height - 9"

Attach to a kettle with weld-less compression fittings or direct welded fittings. USA MADE.

About HERMS:
Wort is pumped from your mash tun through the HERMS coil, which is mounted inside of your HLT (hot liquor tank), and transferred back into your mash tun. The water surrounding the coil in your HLT is heated electrically or by direct fire and transfers heat to your wort. This allows complete control over your mash tun temperature. Another advantage of using a HERMS coil is the constant recirculation of your grain bed creates a natural filter, producing crystal clear wort.