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Dispensing Kit—Sankey "S" Euro

$ 124.99
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Our dispensing kits come with everything you need to hook your keg to a jockey box, just choose the number of taps you need. Need help hooking it up? Checkout our article on how to set up a jockey box

Sankey "S" type couplers fit most European brand kegs. This includes brands like Amstel, Erdinger, Heineken, Newcastle, etc. 

Sankey "D" kits include:

  • Taprite® CO₂ regulator with 5/16" barb (2 gauges)
  • Red 5/16" CO₂ hose
  • Aluminum gas manifold (2 & 4 tap only)
  • Euro Sankey "S" couplers with stainless steel probe
  • 6' clear beverage jumper with stainless steel tailpieces
  • Hose clamps and rubber washers