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2 Tap Tailgate Jockey Box - Rear Inputs

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Just because we provide jockey boxes to some of the biggest names in the alcohol industry nationwide doesn’t mean you need to own a brewery, bar, or restaurant to take advantage of one. This is where professional quality meets portability.

This durable 2 Tap Roto-molded edition always covers the spread for any gameday parking lot parties. They’re compact, user-friendly for even the newest novices, and will save you time, energy, and money. When compared to trying to supply a similar volume of your favorite beverages in bottles and cans, dispensing from a portable draft system just makes sense. Trust us—our jockey boxes are the tailgate life-hack you need. Who’s the real MVP? Yeah, you are.

What you need before kick-off:

Rear Inputs: The beverage lines coming from your kegs connect to this jockey box on the rear of the cooler.


  • Heavy-duty Roto-molded cooler
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Coil to shank assembly designed to prevent blowouts.
  • Shank plates allow you to properly tighten your faucets and hold custom tap handles
  • Each 50’ coil holds and continuously chills over a pint of liquid
  • Custom COLDBREAK® design
  • Every jockey box is hand built in Michigan by COLDBREAK® and backed by our warranty


  • Stainless steel assembly
  • (2x) 50' x 5/16" OD stainless steel coils
  • (2x) Stainless steel faucets with black tap handles

Weight: 27 LBS (no ice)

Ice Capacity: ~20 LBS

Dimensions: 18.5"L x 21.5"W x 17"H

If you need to pour just a single beverage on the fly, check out our comparable 1 Tap version, too! 

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