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2 Gallon Growler Keg (aka: "The Greg")

podle G4 Kegs
$ 109.99
skladová jednotka 2GREG

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The Greg is the smallest sankey keg we sell, designed for at-home use. The threaded spear and pressure release valve make it easier and safe to fill and clean without special equipment. With a D type (US Sankey) spear, it can be hooked up to draft lines, kegerators, or party pumps just like any other keg. 

Note: The factory installed pressure relief valve is set for 25 PSI and not recommended for use with jockey boxes that have long coils (50'+).

  • Growler + Keg = "Greg"
  • Threaded spear and pressure release valve for easy at home use
  • Available as a package with threaded spear removal tool and cap

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 9.25"
Height: 12"
Volume: 2 Gallons / 7.57 Liters