3 tap wrapped jockey box
3 tap wrapped jockey box
3 tap wrapped jockey box
3 tap wrapped jockey box
3 tap wrapped jockey box with beverage lines
3 tap wrapped jockey box with dispensing kit
3 tap wrapped jockey box with dispensing kit and co2 tank

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Welche Art von Wickel wollen Sie?
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  • Inventar auf dem Weg

Personalisieren Sie jede rostfreie Jockey-Box mit dem Logo und den Grafiken Ihres Unternehmens, um ein einheitliches Erscheinungsbild zu schaffen, das die Gäste erkennen und schätzen werden. Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten: 

  • 360° Abdeckung plus Deckel
  • Hochleistungs-Allwetter-Vinyl
  • Permanente Anwendung (kann mit Mühe abgezogen werden)
  • 3/4 Abdeckung passt um den Rücken (Scharnierseite) und beide Griffseiten sowie den Deckel
  • Flexibel, langlebig, UV beschichtet, Allwettermagnete
  • Abnehmbar und wiederverwendbar 


  • Alle Edelstahlkonstruktion
  • Coil-to-Shank-Baugruppe zur Verhinderung von Ausblasen.
  • Mit Schaftplatten können Sie Ihre Wasserhähne richtig festziehen und benutzerdefinierte Hahngriffe halten
  • Jede 50-Zoll-Spule hält ein halbes Liter Flüssigkeit und kühlt kontinuierlich ab
  • Kundenspezifisches COLDBREAK®-Design
  • Jede Jockeybox wird von COLDBREAK® in Michigan handgefertigt und von uns unterstützt Garantie


  • Edelstahlschäfte
  • 50 'x 5/16 "OD Edelstahlspulen
  • Edelstahlarmaturen mit schwarzen Hahngriffen

Hintere Eingänge: Die Getränkeleitungen aus Ihren Fässern werden mit dieser Jockeybox auf der Rückseite des Kühlers verbunden.

Maße:  24 L x 18 B x 16,5 H.

Cooler Color: Stainless Steel

Cooler Size: 54 qt

Cooler Dimensions: 24"L x 18"W x 16.5"H

Coil Length: 50'

Empty Weight: 38 lb

Ice Capacity: 35 lb

Print ready artwork means that you provide us with files that we can print directly from exactly as is. If we find errors in your artwork, we will reject the files and provide feedback on the changes that need to be made. We’ve compiled a quick guide below to hopefully help with any questions you may have. 

Print Install Requirements

  • High resolution, professional software files that have been designed on our template.
  • EPS files are preferred. See below for other file-specific requirements.
  • JPG & TIF files are not accepted.
  • Submit one file for the (1) top/lid, and (2) the body/sides of your jockey box.
  • Once you finalize your print-ready files, regardless of its accepted file types, please provide a screenshot or JPG for us to use as a reference point to ensure nothing gets altered during transmission.


Color pallet is RGB (never CMYK). Pantone colors are better represented with RGB on a large format printer. If your branding requires a near exact match on color, we will require Pantone COATED color codes. Keep in mind that no printer will be able to precisely recreate all available tones.


All images provided for printing must be at least 300 dpi/ppi. All wraps will be printed at 300 dpi. We cannot increase the resolution of your files. If they look blurry when you send them to us, they will print blurry.

    Other File Types Accepted

    PDF Files (.PDF) — Require professional, vector-based software or industry-standard imaging and photo editing software. 

    Adobe Illustrator (.AI) — Convert all text to "outlines" and embed all images. All colors need to be RGB. Save as an .eps or .ai file.

    Photoshop (.PSD) — All colors and images need to be RGB (not CMYK) and set at 300dpi.  Our provided templates are to size and ready for print.

    Corel Draw (.CDR) — Convert all text to "curves." We are able to use most Corel files as-is.  We will let you know if we encounter any issues.

    Flexisign (.FP) — Convert all text to "outlines" and rasterize all images. We print directly from Flexi.  We will let you know if encounter any issues.

      After you email us your artwork, Premier Graphics will transfer your files into their software and make sure everything lines up correctly. We then send you a digital proof to approve.

      • We will send you a digital proof in 2-3 business days. That proof must be approved in writing (email). Your order will then be scheduled for production.
      • We do not print anything until you approve final artwork.
      • Upon request and for an additional fee, we can send you a small test print of your wrap prior to production. Please note that this will delay your scheduled production date, which is always dependent on your final approval.

      Full Vinyl Wrap
      Rear Inputs (2, 3, & 4 tap)

      your logo here jockey box custom wrapped branded

      Input Location: Rear — The beverage lines coming from your keg connect to this jockey box on the rear of the cooler. 2, 3, & 4 tap boxes use the same template.

      Top Logo:  Faces faucets (towards person pouring). Perfect for a clean look on the faucet side.

      Download: Choose the best file type for your software. 

      Adobe Illustrator  Download .AI template
      PDF Download .PDF template
      PSD Download .PSD template

      Wrapped orders typically arrive 2 weeks from proof approval date (not the day you ordered). 

      Delays & Deadlines

      • If you have an event coming up that you are purchasing your custom jockey boxes for please relay that date to us.
      • Any delays in communication will delay your jockey box.
      • Any delays in artwork will delay your jockey box. 

      Production Timeline Example

      Process Min Days Maximum Days
      Proof Approval 1 3
      Wrap Install 5 6
      Manufacturing 1 2
      Shipping 2 6
      Total (Business Days) 9 17

        All artwork can be emailed to: wrap@coldbreakusa.com.

        If you have a large file, please let us know and we can send you an upload link to our DropBox.

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