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About Us

Since the beginning, we’ve been driven by the fundamental principle: “We can design it better." Answering the industry’s demands for a quality jockey box, we built it and still do—for you. But, with anything worth pursuing—it’s been a journey.

Before COLDBREAK® was a thing, Boyd Culver and Chris Musil met when they were in middle school. They did all the hilarious stuff good friends are supposed to do, and from some of the stories we’ve heard—probably a thing a or two that are better left unmentioned in a company bio.

Now, years later and co-owners of a business who’ve gotten their hands filthy-dirty figuring out what the heck startup life is actually all about, Boyd and Chris are still best buds and the reason why you’re reading this. 

Started in 2005 as a homebrewing equipment manufacturer, COLDBREAK® has evolved. We still do the homebrew thing as an homage to our roots, but after a local Grand Rapids brewery asked us to build them a jockey box they’ve been our bread and butter since. The rest is history. Well, actually, we’re still writing it.

In barely a decade, we have to put ourselves in check daily—blown away that over 2,000 breweries and countless other beverage companies use #ColdbreakJockeyBoxes. Seriously, we lost count a couple of years ago. Business has been good. We recognize how fortunate we are, but that doesn’t mean we’re cool with ever allowing ourselves to get comfortable or complacent.

boyd and chris

That’s where you come in. We can list a bunch of cliché reasons with polished, fancy words about why our customers matter, but that’d be too easy. In late 2018, we could almost hear the company growing. We definitely felt it and knew it was time to start building a team to support you. Because, frankly, Boyd and Chris’s bandwidth were maxed out trying to keep up with orders and ensure you—our customers—were taken care of. 

In less than one year, we went from a two-man team to a squad of six full-time employees including two Certified Cicerones®, a graphic designer, a couple of rad college students who hustle part-time, an exclusive partnership with a print shop who does our custom wrapping, a full behind-the-scenes admin team, and a few key consultants who help us manage our international and wholesaler relationships. All of them—all of us are here because we give a damn about you.

What’s in your glass is worth it to us. Even more so: your peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a perfect pour from our jockey boxes every.single.time.

Wanna know more? Drop us a line anytime or swing by our exhibitor booth at one of the many state guild trade shows throughout the year that we’re allied members of. We’re probably a little biased, but we think we’re a pretty good time. Don’t believe us? Ask to see our business cards.

Let’s grab drinks. First round’s on us. The one after that’s on you. Okay, maybe we’ll expense that one, too. 


P.S. Thank you, sincerely, for supporting us. We don’t take for granted that we get to wake up every morning and do this thing. We also always have beer on tap at the office, so that doesn’t suck either.