Drop Shipping


  1. Your business must have an active Pro Account in good standing.
  2. An official purchase order (PO) from your company is required. I.e., no phone calls or plain emails will be accepted.
  3. Your company must have a valid credit card on file. Please call our office during normal business hours to have a card added to your account.

Additional Fees

  1. There will be a 10% fee ($5.00 minimum) to drop ship products
  2. Actual shipping charges to your customer will be added to your invoice


  1. Any product returns will be processed by the retailer (you).

Placing an order—

  1. Add your customers shipping address to the shipping address field of your PO.
  2. Send your PO to: order@coldbreakusa.com
  3. We will charge the card we have on file and ship the order within (1) one business day. Any delays will be communicated immediately.
  4. Once your order has been processed, you will receive confirmation and tracking information.


While we do our best to relay discontinued or out of stock products, it is your responsibility to make sure our catalog (what's live on our website) matches what you are offering to your customers.

We recommend you add "ships from the manufacturer" to the product descriptions of the products you drop ship. All of our shipping and product boxes contain our logo and cannot be blind shipped.


    Orders are processed M-F between 9am-3pm ET. Please allow up to 24 hours for orders to be processed. We will communicate any delays or items that are out of stock.