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Rental Program

Event planned? Check! Beer procured? Check! Plastic hand pump tap? Ch—hold it right there. Sorry, but in good conscience, we can’t let you do that. 

jockey box at lake

Renting one of those is so last year. Cheap party pumps (you know, like the ones you used to use for keg stands in college) are bad for business. They force oxygen into your kegs, oxidizing whatever’s inside, which is the reason your beer will end up tasting stale—like drinking wet cardboard. And, because you can’t adjust its gas pressure, you’ll frustrate yourself dumping (read: wasting) cup after cup of nothing but foam. Count ‘em: that’s two major party fouls.

Instead, if you care about efficiency, taproom-quality beer, and presentation—whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ or need to upgrade your mobile bar or catering service, renting a premium jockey box is the event lifehack you need for pouring any kegged beverage anywhere. 


Currently, COLDBREAK® rents our full line of jockey boxes, accompanied with delivery and setup, to a 15-mile radius around our headquarters in Grand Rapids, MI.

To rent a jockey box, please first submit a rental reservation request.


  1. Browse our lineup of jockey boxes (and accessories) for rent. If you need help, this blog post will help you pick the model that makes sense for you.
  2. Fill out the Rental Reservation Request form, above.
  3. Once received, COLDBREAK® will contact you within one business day to confirm the details of your request and answer any questions.
  4. We’ll coordinate a time with you for delivery and setup, or for you to pick it up from our shop at 3509 3 Mile Rd NW, Suite 2, Grand Rapids, MI 49534.


We’re in the process of launching a network of COLDBREAK® Certified Retailers nationwide to offer you a trusted and reliable turnkey rental solution beyond Michigan.


If you own a catering business, retail store, or are an existing customer and want to make a little extra scratch on the side renting out COLDBREAK® jockey boxes yourself by becoming a COLDBREAK® Certified Retailer, we’d love to help you get started! *Free to apply.

Retailers will gain access to preferred benefits and a toolkit of resources and marketing collateral that help you start, promote, and manage your rental program. 

    HOW TO’s and FAQ’s

    Watch our training videos and read our complementary blog posts.