Rental Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, am renting the equipment listed listed below as is and understand while the equipment is in my possession, I am solely responsible for the equipment rented to me. I agree to pay in full prior to delivery or, if a pick-up, then payment is made at the time of pick-up. The rental period for equipment is per day and any equipment returned late will be charged for an extra day. I agree that I will compensate COLDBREAK® for any equipment lost, broken, stolen or damaged in any other way or manner at any time, while signed out, rented or loaned to me, for or in my name in the full amount required to replace damaged or missing components at full retail cost. I understand that I am to use the equipment in the manner consistent in which it was intended for and that I am to return the equipment in the same condition upon which it was received. In the event that COLDBREAK® must retain a collection agency or law firm to collect past due balances owed to COLDBREAK®, you agree to pay any and all collection agency fees, court costs, attorney fees or incidental costs associated with collecting.