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Jockey Box Dispensing Kit, 2 Taps, Ball Lock Fittings, Homebrew

$ 149.99

All of our jockey boxes and dispensing kits use the standard beer industry thread, 7/8"-14 (5/8" BSP). It is the same thread that is used on beer couplers and beer hex nuts

2 tap kit includes:

  • Taprite® CO₂ regulator with 5/16" barb (2 gauges)
  • 4' length of 5/16 CO₂ hose
  • (2x) 4' lengths of 5/16" CO₂ hose with white ball lock (MFL) fittings
  • (2x) 6' clear 5/16" beverage jumpers with black ball lock (MFL) fittings (end 1) and 90º stainless tailpiece with beer nut (end 2)
  • 2-way air manifold
  • Hose clamps and rubber washers