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2 Tap Marine Jockey Box - Front Inputs

$ 449.99

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Designed exactly like our flagship stainless steel editions, but built with Igloo® Marine UltraTM coolers, this is a budget-friendly option to our line of premium Roto-molded editions.

Featuring UV inhibitors, extended-life hinges, and stain and odor-resistant material, these light and extremely durable knock-around boxes are meant to withstand harsh, wet environments and the rigors of festival season.

Front Inputs: The beverage lines coming from your kegs connect to this jockey box on the front of the cooler. This leaves a clean look on the back side of the cooler.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Coil to shank assembly designed to prevent blowouts.
  • Shank plates allow you to properly tighten your faucets and hold custom tap handles
  • Each coil holds and continuously chills over a pint of liquid
  • Custom COLDBREAK® design
  • Every jockey box is hand built in Michigan by COLDBREAK® and backed by our warranty


  • Stainless steel assembly
  • (2x) 50' x 5/16" OD stainless steel coils
  • (2x) Stainless steel faucets with black tap handles
  • (2x) 3/8" 90º stainless tailpieces with hex nuts (only comes with box if you choose 'No Accessories' - all beverage jumpers come with 90ºs)

Dimensions:  26L x 14.25W x 16H

They’re also available with rear inputs. And, if you’re wondering what the shortest (and most affordable) distance between your beer and cup is, it’s our 1 tap version (with rear input).

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