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Jockey Box Rental - 4 Tap Stainless (Front Inputs)

$ 105.00

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First Step: If you haven't done so already, please fill out our rental reservation request. This request asks for the specific dates, time, location, etc. for your rental.

Second Step: Then come back and choose the jockey box you want to rent, as well as any accessories. We will link your reservation with your online order number once we have both.  

Daily Rental Info

Daily rentals begin the day you pick up or have your jockey box delivered. They're to be returned or will be picked up the next day.

Saturdays: By appointment only.

No Sunday Returns: If the last night of your rental falls on a Saturday, you get to keep it for Sunday Funday (at no additional cost), and return it or have it picked up on Monday. 

Pick up or Delivery?

Pick up: All self pick-ups and drop-offs are at our warehouse. Please park near the overhead (large) door.

3509 3 Mile Rd NW #2
Grand Rapids, MI 49534

Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm (Monday - Friday)
Saturday by appointment only

Delivery: We will deliver up to a radius of 15 miles (one way) from zip 49534. Distances beyond 15 miles may be considered in special circumstances for an additional fee. Otherwise, you will be responsible for picking up and returning your jockey box during the hours stated above.

Delivery fee includes: Complete jockey box setup with in-person guided tutorial, tools, ice for initial use, on-call tech support, tear-down, and system cleaning and maintenance.

What's included?
  • The jockey box listed/pictured above
  • One CO2 tank (5 lb)
  • Dispensing kit with Sankey D couplers (compatible with all USA kegs)
  • Faucet and crescent wrenches

Note re. ice: Deliveries include ice; self pick up does not. You will need approximately 20 pounds of ice to fill this jockey box.

CO2 Information

It takes approximately 1 pound of CO2 to dispense a 1/2 barrel (large keg) of beer. If you will be pouring more than 4 kegs of beer, we recommend having a spare tank on hand. We charge an additional $35 fee for extra CO2.

A 5 pound tank will dispense:

  • (5-6) 1/2 barrels
  • (10-14) 1/4 barrels, or
  • (15-20) 5 gallon homebrew kegs
Input Location

Front Inputs: The beverage lines coming from your kegs connect to this jockey box on the front of the cooler. This creates a clean look on the back side when pouring from the faucet. This look is preferred when the jockey box is located between the bartender and the guest.

Accessory Information

We have accessories available to complement your jockey box or different connections if you need to hook up to a different style of keg.

  • Coolers
  • Drip tray
  • Dump buckets
  • Keg tubs
  • Plastic cups
  • Pitchers
  • Sankey S (Euro) couplers
  • Sankey U (Nitro) couplers