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Recondition Your Jockey Box

$ 199.99

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If your investment was not properly cared for or you simply want your jockey box to look brand new again, we got your back. It's significantly less expensive to recondition your existing, used COLDBREAK® jockey box vs. purchasing a brand new one. It's also better for the environment. 

The guts of your jockey box are made from 304-grade stainless steel and will last a lifetime with proper care and cleaning. Your cooler, however, will take all the abuse and over time it will eventually breakdown. With our reconditioning program, we will take your coils, shanks, and shank plates and put them in a brand new cooler. Our experts will also install new rubber coil grommets and inspect every part, prior to reinstallation. 


  • Parts and pieces that are found damaged or improperly cared for will be replaced at an additional fee. 


  1. The jockey box coils must be cleaned and completely purged with CO2. For the safety of our staff, we will not accept jockey boxes with any liquid (or caustic) inside the coils. 
  2. The interior of the cooler must be cleaned and dried (i.e., bone -dry). Jockey boxes with excessive mold growth will not be accepted.  
  3. Remove all exterior parts and accessories prior to shipping: faucets, hoses, beverage jumpers, and tailpieces.


  • Only COLDBREAK® brand jockey boxes will be reconditioned by our company. Blue and red amateur-hour jockey boxes will be sent to die a slow death at a farm up north. 
  • Jockey boxes that are received dirty and/or full of stale beer will be returned without a refund, and we'll bill you for the return shipping. We're not kidding. Don't do it.

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