How do you clean a ColdOne or small draft beverage system?

A Coldbreak customer asks: So how does one go about cleaning a ColdOne after every use. Things you can and can not use to clean it. Air dry? Dishwasher safe?

ColdOnes should be cleaned after every use. You can think about the system in two, separate, cleanings. The ColdOne draft system itself, and the keg. Keeping both clean will make sure your draft lines are always fresh for the next keg.

The draft system should be cleaned with BLC, which is short for Beer Line Cleaner. You can use the keg that comes with your system, or use our small beer line cleaning pump. That way there is no need to disassemble anything and your coupler, beer line, and beer faucet all get cleaned at the same time. Make sure you always follow up with a fresh water cleaning rinse.

Kegs can be cleaned with the same BLC and ALC. ALC is used as a post wash acid rinse, to flush out anything the BLC has dissolved.

Remember that these are professional cleaning solutions and are caustic. Please use appropriate safety equipment, read the SDS before use, and follow the manufactures recommended dilution rate.

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