Balancing a draft beer system, and ensuring a proper pour


Welcome back to Day 2 of our deep dive into the captivating world of draft systems. Today, we're all about the art and science of achieving that picture-perfect, taste-enhanced beer pour! We'll dive deep into setting up a jockey box (or jumper box), using beer towers with your system, and the proper way to clean them.

📅 Day 2 Highlights:

*Explore the nuances and techniques to guarantee a quality beer pour every time.
*Discover common pitfalls in pouring and how to avoid them.
*Engage in a live chat with industry experts. You'll be pouring like a pro in no time!

1:58 - Overview
2:50 - Different draught systems
4:10 - Why we balance a draft beer system and terminology
7:00 - Balancing a kegerator or direct draw draft beer system
12:04 - Balancing a long draw draft system
15:49 - Using CO2 and N blended gas
17:55 - Jockey boxes and unbalanced beer systems
23:00 - Jumper boxes and attaching beer towers
25:25 - Jockey box accessories and festival equipment
30:04 - Cleaning a draft system
36:40 - Q&A