jockey box dispensing kit, two tap#taps_2-taps
co2 regulator, labels#taps_1-tap
2-Tap Sankey D Kit
Beverage tubing, jumper for jockey boxes, labeled#taps_1-tap
beer coupler label, jockey box#taps_1-tap
jockey box dispensing kit, two tap#taps_2-taps
2-Tap Sankey D Kit

2-Tap Sankey D Kit


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CO2 Option
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Our dispensing kits come with everything you need to hook your keg to a jockey box or jumper box. Sankey "D" type couplers are standard in the USA and fit most locally purchased kegs. This includes craft beer and most macro (large) beer manufacturers.

  • Stainless steel tailpieces will last a lifetime and won't effect the flavor of your beverage
  • Stainless probe on beer couplers
  • Hose clamps and rubber washers included
  • CO2 tanks will arrive empty (by law). We cannot ship full tanks.

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