Coldbreak 2-Tap jockey box with front inputs#color_silver Coldbreak 2-Tap jockey box with front inputs#color_silver

Drive Revenue Growth

Draft Beverage Rental Program

Jockey Box Rental Program

Amid the economic shift, many small businesses are looking for additional revenue streams. At Coldbreak, we are your dedicated partner and have created a new revenue opportunity that promises a return on investment after just four rentals. 

Mobile Bar rental service. Your investment, a full mobile bar kit. Coldbreak’s investment, providing your team with the materials needed to implement the program seamlessly.

Your Guide to Rental Success: 

  1. Allow customers to choose their Jockey Box
  2. Book their Dates through online store
  3. Empower customers to set up for their event
  4. Allow them to enjoy delicious pours all day — or even multiple
  5. Return Jockey Boxes post-event
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ROI in 4 Rentals

See how City Pours Bartending is using Jockey Box rentals as another form of revenue for their business

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including the ColdOne, a best-seller for smaller gatherings.

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