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Why Us?

By partnering with us, you can feature an extensive range of products on your site that are essential for correctly dispensing draft beer and craft cocktails. This opportunity is not only a swift way to introduce e-commerce to your website but also a means to generate income.

Here's a bit about Coldbreak: While we didn't create the jockey box, we were pioneers in transforming it into a high-quality, expertly engineered product. Our journey has been one of constant innovation and adaptation, always focusing on what our customers need. We're known for being that impressive "Where'd you get that?" company, gaining trust through organic growth at festivals and events. Trusted by thousands of brands nationwide, including renowned breweries, we put our heart and soul into providing the finest mobile draft equipment. Our promise is simple: Draft Beverages Anywhere. We're dedicated to delivering the perfect pour, every time, everywhere.

Up to

11% Commission

Earn up to an 11% commission on Coldbreak brand products
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What's your Profit?

Here’s a breakdown of your future income when you partner with us
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Benefits of Joining

Coldbreak® has partnered with Impact, the leader in affiliate technology, to provide you a robust affiliate program for your website. Our program offers a wide variety of banners, text links, videos, and products focused on pouring draft beverages.

  • Sign up is free
  • Competitive commission
  • 30-day cookie
  • 30-day return
  • High average order value
  • Dedicated affiliate management team at Coldbreak® and Impact to answer any questions you have and help you earn more money

How the Affiliate Program Works

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Start driving traffic to through the provided banners, text links, videos, and product datafeed
  • Earn a competitive commission on every purchase made from any buyer who comes from a tracked link on your website within 30 days
  • Payment will be made through Impact once your account has reached $50 or more in commissions

Additional Questions?

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If you're passionate about innovative and quality draft solutions and love sharing great products, sign up through the affiliate link below. We welcome affiliates who embody our hard-working, creative spirit.

Enjoy exclusive perks like special discounts, early access to new products, and a commission on sales made through your referral. It's our way of thanking you for spreading the word about Coldbreak.

We look for individuals who are enthusiastic about the Coldbreak brand, have a strong online presence, and align with our values of innovation, quality, and community engagement.

Earn a competitive commission for each sale generated through your unique affiliate link. Our transparent tracking system ensures you're rewarded for your efforts.

Yes, affiliates may receive products for review and promotional purposes. We encourage authentic, creative content that showcases the real-world benefits of our products.

Our affiliate dashboard provides real-time tracking of your sales, clicks, and commission earnings. Stay informed and optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

Absolutely! Access a range of marketing materials, including banners, logos, and product images, all designed to help you promote Coldbreak effectively.

Our dedicated affiliate team is always here to assist you. Whether it's strategizing or resolving queries, we're committed to supporting your success.

Our program is built on innovation, quality, and community – just like our products. By joining us, you're not just promoting a product, you're championing a lifestyle of quality, creativity, and shared enjoyment.


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Start earning up to 11% on every sale.