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ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
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ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator

ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator

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  • Pour 2 gallons of your favorite beverage, anywhere
  • Not electric
  • Stays ice cold up to 5 days
  • Hand-built in Michigan by Coldbreak® and backed by our warranty

Introducing the ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator, the hassle-free solution for enjoying your favorite ice-cold beverages wherever you go. Craft beer, seltzers, or mixed drinks – no matter your preference, ColdOne™ keeps them chilled for days on end, making it the ultimate setup for beverage enthusiasts like you.

No more relying on secondary cooling sources or piles of ice, because ColdOne™ is self-contained and requires no external help. With its impressive capacity of up to 2 gallons (16 pints), it keeps your beverages icy cold for up to 5 days. Plus, our CO2 cartridges ensure a constant supply of carbonation, allowing you to serve up to 4 kegs before needing to change cartridges. From the first pour to the last, your drinks will stay refreshingly fresh.

With ColdOne™, the possibilities for pouring are endless. Take it to your local brewery and fill it up like a growler, or create delightful mimosas for Sunday brunch. Unleash your mixology skills and craft potent cocktails like Jack and Coke or Margaritas with ease. Whether it's a gathering or a party, ColdOne™ ensures your guests are always treated to the perfect cold beverage of their choice.

But ColdOne™ is more than just a portable kegerator – it's a statement of your appreciation for quality beverages. Its sleek design and user-friendly dispensing system will make you the envy of your friends and family. And if you're searching for the ideal gift for a beer, seltzer, or mixed drink lover, look no further.

So why wait any longer? Embrace the ColdOne™ experience and enjoy the perfect beverage dispensing system for yourself. Say cheers to ice-cold and refreshing drinks that will elevate any occasion. Get your ColdOne™ today and take your beverage enjoyment to a whole new level.

  • ColdOne™ Portable Kegerator
  • 2 gallon keg with removable spear
  • Spear removal tool
  • Faucet wrench
  • 2x 74 gram CO2 cartridges (Serves 8-10 kegs)
  • Drip mat
  • 4oz cleaner
  • 16oz reusable cup
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