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Copper Mesh

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Copper mesh is made of pure copper wire, knit into a continuous flat double-thick stocking 5” wide. Pure copper will not rust, contaminate, or scratch surfaces and can be cut with ordinary scissors. 

  • 100% Pure Copper, 5" Wide. USA Made. Will never rust.
  • Copper mesh is great for reflux distilling (where legal). Helps to eliminate sulfur compounds from your distillate.
  • Used to clean plastic/rubber/fiber extrusion equipment, molds/dies, screws and similar machinery, while the machine or molds are still hot.
  • Copper mesh can be made into copper scrubbers for industrial cleaning.
  • Can be used to stuff small holes around the house to keep unwanted animals or pests away.
  • It can protect your seedlings, vegetables, and fruits from snails and other pests. The knitted construction often catches rodents' teeth and makes it hard for them to chew through or remove.
  • Cleans up easily with vinegar