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How to Clean a Jockey Box

How to Clean a Jockey Box

Step 1 - Fill the coils with an alkaline cleaner (e.g., PBW® Cleaner) and let soak for 20 minutes.

Step 2 - Rinse with hot water. Hot water must be used to rinse the coils immediately after an alkaline rinse. DO NOT allow alkaline to dry on hot metal surfaces.

Step 3 - Flush with an acidic sanitizer (e.g., Star San® Sanitizer).

Step 4- Purge coils and beverage tubing with CO2 or compressed air.

Pro Tip: NEVER allow beer or any other beverage to sit inside the coils after use. Jockey boxes need to be cleaned immediately after every use.


PBW® is an alkaline cleaner that is a safe, non-caustic, environmentally-friendly CIP (clean in place) cleaner. It comes in powder form and is most effective when used with hot water.

Hot Water is used to flush beverage tubing, coils, faucets, and couplers. Rinse water should equal the temperature used with PBW®.

Star San® is a high-foaming, acid anionic sanitizer, and does not require a rinse after use. It comes in liquid form and is stable in hot or cold water.

Warning: Follow all manufacture instructions as well as their recommendations for proper solution ratios. Do not over-use chemicals. Wear protective eyewear and footwear, and follow all safety precautions. Coldbreak® assumes no responsibility for any accident, injury, or damage.


COLDBREAK® Cleaning Kit. It comes with:


Jockey box - Store your jockey box dry with the lid slightly open (to prevent mold).
Pro Tip: Cap the input shanks if your jockey box will be stored for an extended amount of time to prevent contamination.

Tubing - Hang tubing to dry. 
Pro Tip: Once dry, beverage jumpers can be attached to both sides of a beer coupler (which must be in the closed position) to prevent contamination (i.e., attach the beverage jumpers to the CO2 input and beverage out).


The exterior of our stainless coolers are made from 430 grade stainless steel, which is a ferritic, straight chromium alloy. It is a very common grade that is used widely in the automotive and appliance industry. This alloy is non-hardened but has excellent corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance is maximized in well-polished or buffed condition. Cleaning is very important to keep your cooler looking fresh and rust free.  

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