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About Us

Most people head straight to the big box store and load up on cases of beer or rent the plastic keg tap from the local liquor store when they need to serve beer to a group of people. Flashbacks to your college days doing kegs stands follows. But we’re adults now and you don’t want that imagery for your guests. That’s why you're here, on our website. You’re looking for a better way to serve beer and gain the knowledge to properly execute your plan. 

two tap on a mountain of kegs

COLDBREAK® raises the bar for portable draft systems—designed specifically to solve the demands of the active beverage industry. All COLDBREAK® jockey boxes feature 100% 304 stainless steel liquid contact on all hardware. Every detail ensures integrity in their functionality to increase your profitability by delivering a perfect pour and peace of mind—every single time. And, let’s be honest—they’re sharp.

Regardless of what beverage of choice is flowing through your lines to our taps, our jockey boxes are designed and built with the same care and attention you devote to your business. So, why use anything other than stainless steel?

From one friend to another, a word of caution: when price shopping online, make sure you pay close attention to the quality of materials used. Lower priced jockey boxes are usually built out of chrome-plated brass faucets and shanks, and will only mention the stainless steel coils. If they don't tell you what material the faucets and shanks are made out of, you can safely assume that the unknown will catch up to you. You know how the saying goes: you get what you pay for.

Benefits of a COLDBREAK® Jockey Box

1. Internal and external shank plates

When you tighten metal shanks onto a soft, plastic cooler, the cooler walls begin to collapse before the shanks can be properly tightened. The result is a non-secure faucet that spins, and is unable to support the weight of custom tap handles.

That’s why we manufacture all of our jockey boxes with lightweight custom aluminum shank plates on the inside and outside. Our plates distribute the pressure and keep the cooler walls from being crushed, which allows you to properly tighten your faucets as needed.

shank plates

2. Coil Design

We've all been there. Pouring at a festival when, all of a sudden, beer starts spilling out of the top of your cooler. Panic sets in as you realize a coil has popped out of the shank, and you're losing the beer in your keg. Someone freaks and yells, "Which one is it?! Pull all the couplers right now!"

Coil design is critical when building a jockey box. Most jockey boxes on the market use a universal coil that comes from the same overseas manufacturer. One of the many downsides to using a universal coil is that you have to stretch the coils to reach the shanks, causing them to want to pull away from the shanks at all times. As the rubber grommets wear down over time, gradually loosening, the increased keg pressure will invariably force your coil to pop out of the shank, leaking beer everywhere.

Every coil that goes into a COLDBREAK® jockey box is designed and hand-bent so that the coils are pushing into the shanks, secured at least 1" deep into the fixture. 

coil manufacturing

3. Our Involvement

Being part of the beverage community is very important to us. We could’ve started any business, but we choose this industry because it’s what we’re inherently passionate about. We want you to be able to put faces to our company’s name, which is why you’ll regularly find us at all the major national industry conventions and conferences throughout the year like Craft Brewers Conference, Nightclub & Bar Show, CiderCon, California Craft Beer Summit, GABF, and as many state brewers guild festivals as we can, in good faith, write off on our expense reports.

jockey box at burning foot

Have questions?

Our professional staff is here to help guide you through all of your questions and portable draft needs. Visit our contact us page to get a hold of us or just call our warehouse/manufacturing facility. We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Eastern Time) and won't even make you go through a phone tree to get someone on the line :)