End of Day Procedures

After you’re done cleaning your jockey box, we just have to dump the ice and prep it for storage.


Without thinking, it’s going to be really easy to want to leverage the cooler lid as a handle. But, doing so is going to put unwanted stress on its hinges. So, use the cooler’s designated handles. If you’ve got a second set of hands nearby, it’s always easier with a buddy.


To keep the outside of your jockey box looking brand new, wipe it down with a common, gentle cleaner and a damp cloth for those beer rings, scuff marks, etc.

If you’re using one of our stainless models, they have great corrosion resistance—think similar to a stainless refrigerator, but that resistance is maximized in well-polished or buffed condition. Use your favorite stainless steel polish to show your jockey box little TLC.  


Lastly, when shelving your jockey box between use, store it dry with the lid slightly open. This will help prevent mold from any residual moisture inside the cooler. We like to use the cooler’s lid latches to easily prop it open, allowing it time to air dry completely. 

Pro tip: After removing your beverage lines, cap the input shanks. We ship our jockey boxes with the inputs covered with handy, little red covers. And, inside them, you’ll notice—is where we’ve stored extra beer washers to use for set-up.

Your beverage jumpers also need to hang dry. Another pro tip: Once dry, beverage jumpers can be attached to both sides of a beer coupler, in its disengaged position, to stay nice and clean.