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What is a Jumper Box?

What is a Jumper Box?

A Jumper BoxTM is a mobile bar or beer trailer’s new best friend! Inspired by our signature line of premium jockey boxes used by more than 2,000 breweries and alcohol establishments worldwide, Jumper BoxesTM are a modern solution to the growing demand for portable bar service.

Whether it’s a catered event, street festival, wedding in the park, or outdoor dining area in your restaurant’s parking lot, a Jumper BoxTM can be integrated into any vehicle, structure, or attraction from where you need to dispense draft beer. 


A Jumper BoxTM is essentially a jockey box without faucets. They’re constructed exactly the same—from professional-grade, insulated coolers, modified with the essential components to transform them into the epicenter of your mobile draft beverage station. A Jumper BoxTM allows you the flexibility to customize the buildout and functionality of your bar on wheels to optimize service and presentation.


The core feature of Jumper BoxesTM are their food-grade, stainless steel coils built into the interior of the cooler. To answer a common question, no—Jumper BoxesTM do not require electricity, batteries, or even WiFi. Just add ice and a small CO2 tank.

As beer leaves a keg, it flows into the Jumper BoxTM and travels through the coils until it reaches your faucets (“taps”)—wherever they’re mounted—where your beer is dispensed. A Jumper BoxTM is the reliable middle man between your beer and beer trailer.

When you fill a Jumper BoxTM with ice it surrounds the coils, which chills the beer inside of them down to a proper serving temperature so you get a cold pint, everytime.  

mobile beer trailer with jumper box


Installing a commercial cooler or refrigeration unit inside your trailer to keep your beer cold will be insanely cost-prohibitive, cut into the valuable interior footprint of your working space, and make you so cold that you’d be better off turning it into an ice cream truck.

Do I need to keep the kegs cold? The beauty of Jumper BoxesTM is that they’re designed to allow the ice to do all the work by chilling the beer as it circulates through the coils. While prior refrigeration of your kegs before you arrive at your event or icing the kegs on-site is not necessary, it will help minimize the effects of ambient temperature inside your trailer on extremely hot days.

Rest assured, Jumper BoxesTM will chill your very first (and every subsequent) pour from a keg at room temperature (~ 70° F) down to a proper serving temperature, under 40° F.  

jumper box in a beer trailer, mobile bar cold draft


If you’re a brewery or an established beer trailer, chances are you probably already have the shortlist of accessories needed to complement the integration of a Jumper BoxTM into your mobile bar setup. Otherwise, because the layouts of beer trailers can be so diverse, you have the leeway to choose the additional equipment a la carte or as part of a packaged dispensing kit

In either case, here’s what you’ll need to transfer beer from its keg to your Jumper BoxTM and from your Jumper BoxTM to your guests' glasses.

  • CO tank | CO2 is the gas used to move beer from its keg
  • CO2 regulator | Regulates the gas pressure, and (optionally) allows a gas manifold to be connected to it
  • Gas manifold (optional) | Allows you to dispense CO2 to multiple different kegs (via one or multiple Jumper BoxesTM)at the same time
  • Gas tubing | Carries CO2 from its tank to a keg
  • Coupler | Attaches to your keg, which allows CO2 in and beer out
  • Keg jumper tubing | Carries beer from its keg to your Jumper BoxTM
  • Shank jumper tubing (same as keg jumper tubing, but smaller in diameter) | Carries beer from your Jumper BoxTM to a faucet shank
  • Faucet shank | The bridge between your shank jumper tubing and your faucet
  • Faucet | From where your beer is dispensed

If you’re new to the game, we have additional resources to help you become experts in pouring draft beer anywhere. While you’ll find that these how-to guides and instructional videos focus on their popular predecessor, jockey boxes, the philosophies and many of the applications transfer synonymously to Jumper BoxesTM.

There is an emerging culture of mobile bars and beer trailers that will be changing the landscape of hospitality at special events. Jumper BoxesTM are the secret sauce to satisfying the demands of thirsty entrepreneurs and their guests by enhancing your bar service while bringing people together in a fun, memorable way.

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