Input Location for Jockey Boxes

Front Inputs

Inputs on the front (i.e., the same side as the faucets/taps) are the ideal scenario for bartenders facing the guests and doing all the pouring, handing full cups over the jockey box to the guest. There are two major benefits to this: 1) the guest experiences a clean look when they approach the bar and jockey box, and 2) the bartender has all the hookups and kegs on their side, allowing them to manage all aspects of service without having to move.

Rear Inputs

Inputs on the back (i.e., the opposite side as the faucets) are perfect when a jockey box is integrated into a mobile bar or beer trailer, or use by a catering company. If a guest can see the jockey box or beer faucets, they won’t see the hookups and beverage tubing that would otherwise be on the bartender’s side.

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