Draft Beer at Your House Party

Summertime is pretty much the best time. I mean— c’mon—lake beers? Yes, please! If you like to play host and want your guests to have fun in the sun, then grab your flippy-floppies because using a jockey box makes life a beach.

If you’ve got a spot made for having people over, we both know it’s a blast when you impress your guests with a good time. Imagine them arriving and being surprised by the ability to pour their own draft beer. And, no—I’m not talking about pumping out cups full of foam like we did in college.

A jockey box takes just a few minutes to set up and can be positioned wherever you want the action to be.

And, once the beer starts flowing, you’ll have one less thing to worry about managing—like making sure you don’t overcook what’s on the grill because you’re too busy having to constantly restock the cooler.


And your friends—they don’t have to wait for their next can or bottle to get cold. They can help themselves whenever they want. Like right now! Excuse me while I go pour myself a beer real quick… Okay, I’m back!

Whether it’s a family celebration, neighborhood party, or just you and your crew, a jockey box is the new way to enhance any social gathering.

And, even for those occasions when it’s not adults-only or you’re respecting non-drinkers, with a jockey box—you can hook up any kegged beverage—like coldbrew coffee, pop or soda, or even flavored seltzer water.


Jockey boxes are a game-changer at home or weekends away at the lake for anyone serious about making an impression.

You’ll never hear again, “Can you grab me a beer?” because when your guests know they can pour their own, they will—and they’ll love it.