How to Build a Keezer

Below is a step-by-step guide to building and installing a wooden collar on a 7 cu ft chest freezer. The collar provides extra headspace for your kegs and gives you a safe area to install beer faucet shanks without drilling into the freezer wall.



Kegerator Kits

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4-Tap Kegerator Kit by Coldbreak
4-Tap Kegerator Kit with CO2 by Coldbreak
4-Tap Kegerator Kit Measurements by Coldbreak
4-Tap Kegerator Kit
4-Tap Kegerator Kit

4-Tap Kegerator Kit

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Complete 4-tap kegerator kit


  • Taprite primary regulator
  • CO2 hose
  • 4-tap manifold
  • 4-tap faucet shank kit (SS)
  • (4x) Shank jumper kits (6' of 3/16" tubing, tailpieces, hose clamps)
  • (4x) Sankey D couplers 
  • (4x) SS beer faucets
  • Faucet wrench
  • Hose clamps
  • Tubing cutter
  • 1" spade bit for drilling your shank holes
  • Beer washers

Tools Required

  • Drill for spade bit
  • Screwdriver
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