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ColdOne Ultimate Bundle

ColdOne Ultimate Bundle

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  • Pour 2 gallons of your favorite beverage, anywhere
  • Hand-built in Michigan by Coldbreak® and backed by our warranty

Introducing the Coldbreak ColdOne Portable Kegerator Ultimate Bundle – the ultimate party companion that takes your gatherings to a whole new level of awesome!

Picture this: You're hosting a party, and the excitement is building. Your friends are all here, the tunes are pumping, and the vibe is electric. But what's missing? The Coldbreak ColdOne Portable Kegerator Ultimate Bundle, of course!

Behold what's included in this incredible bundle:

Coldbreak ColdOne Portable Kegerator: The star of the show! This portable kegerator is your ticket to instant beer or cocktail heaven. With its premium engineering and sleek design, it's the life of the party.

Extra 2-Gallon Keg: Because one keg is never enough! Greg is here to make sure the beer keeps flowing all night long.

(2) Free CO2 Cartridges: No need to worry about running out of gas. We've got you covered with these two CO2 cartridges that ensure your brew stays perfectly carbonated.

(1) Free Nitrogen Cartridge (for Serving Still Drinks): Elevate your beverage game with a Nitrogen cartridge, perfect for serving still drinks with a touch of finesse. Whether it's cold brew coffee, craft cocktails, or any still beverage you fancy, this cartridge adds a new level of smoothness and sophistication to your drink experience. Nitrogen and Argon are both an inert gas that will pressurize a keg, but will not dissolve into cold beverage. 

(10) Free Keg Collars: Keep your kegs organized and your party efficient with these handy keg collars. No more guessing which brew is which!


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