Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned

Kyles IG: @the_golden_spott

Quantity Ingredient
2 L 90-100 proof bourbon
150 ml


  • 75 ml orange
  • 37.5 ml black walnut
  • 37.5 ml molasses
250 ml

Rich turbinado sugar (aka Sugar in the raw)

  • a rich syrup is 2:1 sugar to water, by weight

Note from Kyle:  A milliliter of water weighs 1 g. However, the 2:1 syrup mixture is denser than water, so the scale weight doesn't align with the beaker measurement. I actually use the scale to measure out the bitters because each dash is about 1 ml, so it made it really easy to shake dashes into it to get the numbers I was looking for. Mathematically, there would have been 338 ml of my rich sugar mixture but when you expand a recipe like this, it doesn't always work that way.

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Quantity Ingredient

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2 Gallon Recipe Tips

2 gallons is equivalent to 7.5 Liters. Most recipes call for (2) 5ths of liquor (1.5 L) or a half gallon (1.75 L), then fill the rest of the keg with your mixers. This leave approximately 5.5-6 L of available space for your mixers (water, club soda, mix, flavors). A stainless steel tea steeper ball is an easy way to contain ingredients (additional flavors) you don't want running through the draft system.

1. Choose Your Liquor

(2) bottles of liquor -or- (1) 1/2 gallon bottle, depending on how strong you want the drinks.

2. Choose You Mixers

The remaining space is approximately 5.5-6 liters. Soda, juices, mixers & flavor additions.

3. Pick Your Garnish

Liquid flavors can be added to the keg, but garnishes should be added to your glass.