Alcohol Tower Dispensers: Cocktails and Beer on Tap with the Coldbreak ColdOne™

Alcohol and beer tower beverage dispensers have revolutionized the way people enjoy cocktails and beer, bringing a new level of convenience and excitement to bars, restaurants, and even homes. With the use of these innovative devices, you can have a variety of drinks on tap, ready to be poured with precision and style. In this article, we will explore the world of alcohol and beer tower dispensers, Specifically the Coldbreak ColdOne™. Its benefits, how it works, and why having a beer tower kit is becoming increasingly popular in the beverage industry.

mobile beer towers and dispensers

Introduction to alcohol and beer tower dispensers

Alcohol and beer tower dispensers are sophisticated systems that allow establishments, venues, and individuals to serve cocktails and beer from a single, centralized location. The ColdOne™ consists of one tap, dedicated to a specific drink or product, such as a fun cocktail or specific craft beer. With the simple pull of a lever, you can have a perfectly mixed cocktail or a refreshing beer poured directly into your glass.

Popularity of cocktails and beers on tap

Cocktails and beers on tap have become extremely popular in bars, your favorite restaurant, and breweries across the world. This trend has been encouraged by the increasing demand for unique and flavorful drinks. However, traditional dispensing methods for beverages can be slow, messy, and unreliable. The ColdOne™ offer a unique solution to these problems, providing a sleek and fun way to dispense drinks.

filling the ColdOne with specialty cocktails

How alcohol and beer tower dispensers work

The ColdOne™ works by using pressurized gas to push the drink out of the faucet. The gas is usually carbon dioxide or nitrogen, which is stored in a separate cartridge on the back of the tower. When a drink is needed, the gas is released, pushing the liquid up through the 2 gallon keg and out of the tap. This process is quick and efficient, ensuring that drinks are served quickly and without any mess.

Benefits of using alcohol and beer tower dispensers

Convenience and efficiency

One of the primary benefits of the ColdOne™ is convenience. Whether you're running a busy bar or hosting a party at home, having pre-mixed cocktails and beer on tap allows for quick and efficient service. Gone are the days of measuring ingredients and manually mixing drinks for each guest or customer. With a ColdOne™, you can provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Cost savings

Alcohol and beer tower dispensers can also lead to significant cost savings for businesses. By accurately measuring the amount of alcohol and mixers used for each drink, wastage of material is minimized, and inventory management becomes more efficient. Additionally, the speed at which drinks can be served increases turnover, resulting in higher profits.

Customization and variety

With the ColdOne™, you have the freedom to customize your drinks and offer a wide variety of options to cater to different tastes. From classic cocktails to modern mixology creations, the possibilities are endless. You can also rotate beer selections, showcasing local brews or seasonal favorites. This versatility allows you to add more to keep your menu fresh and exciting, attracting a broader customer base.

ColdOne in use at a pool party

Enhancing the drinking experience with alcohol and beer tower dispensers

The ColdOne™ elevates the drinking experience by ensuring each beverage is perfectly poured and served. With precise measurements and controlled flow, cocktails are mixed to perfection, and beer is poured with just the right amount of head. This attention to detail enhances the flavors and aromas of the drinks, providing a more enjoyable, fun and satisfying drinking experience.

Freshness is another significant advantage of alcohol and beer tower dispensers. The drinks are always cold and stored in an ice refrigerated roto molded cooler, maintaining their quality and taste. No more worries about stale beer or oxidized cocktail mixes. Every sip is as fresh and flavorful as the first.

Cleaning the ColdOne™

Cleaning the ColdOne™ is crucial for maintaining hygiene, preserving the quality of the beverages, and ensuring the longevity of the equipment. Luckily its as easy as filling your keg with beer line cleaner once you are done with it, and flushing the entire system. By using the included keg, you'll get the keg clean, as well as the coupler, beer line, and faucet all at the same time.

Pro Tip: Never leave beer or other beverages to sit inside the system for more than a few days. That will keep your system in top notch and increase the longevity of your beer lines.

The future of alcohol tower dispensers

As the popularity of cocktails and beers on tap continues to grow, we can expect to see more businesses adopting the ColdOne™. These dispensers offer a range of benefits, from cost savings to enhancing the drinking experience, making them an attractive option for bars and restaurants of all sizes.


1. Can the ColdOne™ be used for non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, alcohol and beer tower dispensers can also be used to serve non-alcoholic drinks such as mocktails, soda, or flavored water. The versatility of these systems allows for a wide range of beverage options. Buy extra kegs to have on hand for all your parties. Fill them with anything you want!

2. Is the ColdOne™ difficult to clean and maintain?

No! While maintenance requirements may vary depending on the model, most alcohol tower dispensers are designed for easy cleaning. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance ensure the longevity and performance of the dispenser. Beer line cleaner is the easiest solution to use, then flush with clean water.

4. Is the ColdOne™ suitable for home use?

Absolutely! The ColdOne™ can be a great addition to home bars or your next party, providing a unique and convenient way to serve cocktails and beer to guests.

5. Is the ColdOne™ suitable for outdoor events or mobile setups?

Yes, it is designed specifically for outdoor events or mobile setups. It uses small CO2 (74 gram) tanks to pressurize the system, allowing you to serve drinks in various locations.

6. Can the ColdOne™ dispense wine or other alcoholic beverages?

While the ColdOne™ is primarily used for cocktails and beer, it can also dispense wine or other alcoholic beverages. Keep in mind that CO2 is being used and any beverage put into the kegs can absorb that CO2, causing carbonation.