We understand that, for those who may not have a graphic designer on call, preparing your own print-ready artwork can often be a little confusing. We’ve compiled a quick guide below to hopefully help with any questions you may have. 


"Print-ready" artwork means that the expectation is that you will provide us with files that:

  1. Require no changes/modifications, by which:
  2. We will print directly from exactly as is.
Note: "print-ready" artwork does not mean that you send us a low-resolution logo and expect us to do the design work for you.


  • High resolution, professional software files that have been designed on our jockey box template.
  • EPS files are preferred. For other acceptable file types, please see further below, and note their file-specific requirements. 
  • JPG/TIF: Not accepted.
  • Submit one, individual file for each the 1) top/lid, and 2) the body/sides of your jockey box.
  • Once you finalize your print-ready files, regardless of its accepted file types, please provide a screenshot or JPG for us to use as a reference point to ensure nothing gets altered during transmission. We do not print anything until you approve final artwork.


The COLDBREAK® provided template must be used and NOT ALTERED.


All images provided for printing must be at least 300 dpi/ppi. All wraps will be printed at 300 dpi. We cannot increase the resolution of your files. If they look blurry when you send them to us, they will print blurry.


Color pallet is RGB (never CMYK). Pantone colors are better represented with RGB because we use a large format printer. If your branding requires a near exact match on color, we will require 1) Pantone COATED color codes. Keep in mind that no printer will be able to precisely recreate all available tones.


The templates we provide include adequate bleed.


We recommend that before sending your file, open and check it for any errors that may have occurred when converting it from its original format. 

PDF Files

PDF Files require professional, vector-based software or industry-standard imaging and photo editing software. 

Illustrator (.ai)

Convert all text to "outlines" and embed all images. All colors need to be RGB. Save as an .eps or .ai file.

Photoshop (.psd)

All colors and images need to be RGB (not CMYK) and set at 300dpi.  Our provided templates are to size and ready for print.

Corel Draw (.cdr)

Convert all text to "curves." We are able to use most Corel files as-is.  We will let you know if we encounter any issues.

Flexisign (.fp)

Convert all text to "outlines" and rasterize all images. We print directly from Flexi.  We will let you know if encounter any issues.


Upon request and for an additional fee, we can send you a small test print of your vinyl wrap prior to production. Please note that this will delay your scheduled production date, which is always dependent on your final approval.


If you don’t have a singular print-ready artwork file to send us, we can create a holistic design for you that complements your branding; however we will charge a higher premium than what you would likely pay to recruit a graphic designer on your own. Chances are, you know someone in your social network who'd love the opportunity to help you. 

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