Does coil length matter?


When you pour liquid through a jockey box, as soon as the liquid enters the coil and comes into contact with the chilled stainless steel, it will immediately decrease the liquid’s temperature as it flows towards the faucet.

This heat exchange will take place until the liquid reaches the same temperature as the coils. A 50' coil will drop the temperature in a matter of seconds, and with a full 17 oz held inside the coil, you will always have a full cold pint ready to pour.

We can go even longer, too. In extreme situations that call for more than pints of beer at a time—think pitchers of green beer on St. Patrick’s Day or lines a mile long of thirsty concert-goers at this summer’s biggest music festivals, increasing coil length to 100’ makes sense.


Unless recommended otherwise the producer, most beverages should be served between 38º-55º F, depending on the style.

You won’t be able to control your beverage’s temperature with the same precision using a jockey box as you do in your establishment, but it will be close.

Generally speaking, pouring from a keg at room temperature (~ 70º F) through a COLDBREAK® jockey box with 50’ coils will deliver your first (and each subsequent) pour between 34º-42º F.


To overcome the resistance of the coils and to get a proper pour, the serving pressure must be increased. 50' coils allow you to keep the pressure increase to a minimum, and lowers the risk of over-carbonation during longer events.

For quick comparison:

  • 50' coils require approx. 25-30 PSI
  • 100' coils require approx. 35-40 PSI


As far as practicality is concerned, simple math will tell you that 50’ coils also add the benefit of being lighter than longer coils and take up less space, which has allowed us perfect our 4-tap jockey boxes in 54 qt coolers.

And, being able to pour more than two taps as compared to yesterday’s jockey boxes also makes ours ideal for any establishment that needs to showcase a wider product portfolio.

Still, if your bicep game is strong or you’ve got a second set of hands, and you need more ammo in the chamber, you can upgrade our 2-tap jockey boxes with 100’ coils.