Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit Pro
Kegger Kit, Full Size Setup by Coldbreak

Kegger Kit Pro


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CO2 Option
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Perfect Pour Every Time

With our kegger kit, you can be sure that you will get a perfect pour every time. Our system is designed to maintain the fresh quality of your beer while ensuring that you don't have to deal with any foaming issues. Simply follow our instructions, ice your keg properly, and enjoy the perfect pour every time.

Hassle-Free Dispensing

We get it. You're throwing a kegger. The presentation doesn't matter and you just want to get the beer out. Well guess what? We made it as easy as possible. The kit still uses the same old trusty thumb tap, but your guests will notice right away that they don't have to pump the keg. The attached CO2 tank keeps your keg at the proper pressure so no matter how long you or your guests hold the thumb tap down, it'll stay at the proper pressure.

  • No more keg pumping or foaming issues
  • Maintains proper keg pressure
  • Easy to clean

We're still working on it...

  • Taprite® T-742 CO2 Regulator
  • Co2 gas line
  • Sankey D Beer Coupler that will fit most USA kegs
  • Thumb tap with clear beverage tubing. 5' x 1/4" ID.
  • Hose clamps

CO2 tanks will arrive empty. By law, we cannot ship full tanks. The good news is that CO2 is inexpensive and sourcing it is easy. Just look for a CO2 supplier in your area. 

It takes approximately 1 pound of CO2 to dispense a full half barrel of beer. So your tank will last 5-6 full kegs.

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