Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the perfect pour?

It's all about temperature and pressure. Set your regulator between 25-30 PSI and fill your jockey box completely full of ice (FULL). Then let it acclimate for 10-15 minutes until you see condensation on your faucets (i.e. they are cold). Add ice as necessary to keep the coils and shanks covered with ice. 

How much CO2 do I need?

It takes approximately 1 pound of CO2 to dispense a 1/2 barrel of beer. A 5 pound tank will dispense:

  • (5-6) 1/2 barrels
  • (10-14) 1/4 barrels, or
  • (15-20) 5 gallon Homebrew kegs.

How do I clean a jockey box?

Prior to your first use, you should run a cleaner through the coils to remove any debris left behind by the manufacturing process. We recommend PBW from Five Star. After cleaning (and each use), sanitize the coils with a rinse-free sanitizer like Star San or an Iodine solution. These solutions can be forced through the coils using a hand pump or pressurized keg. Visit the manufacturers website for proper mixing ratios and chemical safety tips.

What is the best way to rinse a jockey box after use?

The easiest way to give your jockey box a quick rinse is with our Jockey Box Flush-out Hose. You can hook it up to any garden hose spigot. 

Are your jockey boxes in stock?

We stock all of our jockey boxes and they are ready to ship.

How long will shipping take?

Depends on your location. We ship from our warehouse/production facility in Michigan, USA.

Ground USA Shipping:

  • East coast is 1-2 business days
  • West coast is 3-4 business days. 
  • Outside USA 7+ days

How long are your coils?

Each coil is 50' in length. They hold 17oz of liquid, so you get an ice cold pint every time. 

Do you sell longer coils?

No. If you follow our directions, longer coils are not necessary. Poor directions from other manufacturers have led many individuals to believe that longer coils fix the issues people have with jockey boxes. 

Jockey box temperature testing 

We are in FL / TX / CA and get hot weather. I need longer coils. 

We sell our jockey boxes globally and as long as you follow our directions, you do not need longer coils. 

Do I need to ice the kegs?

No, it is not necessary to ice the kegs but do not let them get hot. The colder you can keep the kegs, the slower the ice will melt inside the jockey box. Just remember that the coils inside the jockey box need to be completely covered in ice. 

Can I leave beer hooked up, overnight?

No! Jockey boxes are used for temporary pouring locations. If you leave the kegs at a high pressure (25-30 PSI) for more than 12 hours, the CO2 starts to dissolve into the beer, causing over carbonation.

If you have a 2-day festival, you need to shut off the CO2 and then purge the excess CO2 from the kegs by pulling on the coupler relief valve. You can then re-pressurize the kegs to 10-12 PSI for storage.