Keep your shit clean

Vinyl Wrap & Magnetic Decals

Proper care is key to maintaining the lifespan and luster of your vinyl wrap or decal

Magnetic Decal Care & Cleaning


  • The magnetic decal should be at room temperature (min 60º F) or above.
  • Do not apply a magnet that has been stored curved with the magnet side out (see storing).
  • Ensure your jockey box is clean and free of debris.
  • Affix gently, starting with one side and working its way around your jockey box. Do not place over any manufactured components or allow for air pockets to form.
  • If positioned incorrectly, remove the decal completely by lifting at its sides (not its corners) and reaffix. Do not pull the magnet wrap into place.
  • Do not use on any other products or materials.


Between each use, clean both sides of the decal (printed and magnet sides) with a mild detergent. Wipe with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

  • Allow magnetic wrap to air dry completely.
  • Do not expose to harsh chemicals
  • Do not store on the jockey box


    When not affixed to your jockey box, keep it clean and dry. Store flat, and do not store anything on top of it and do not stack with magnetic sides facing each other. If not stored flat on a clean surface, store rolled on end with the printed side out. We like putting them on a refrigerator or freezer. 

    Magnetic Wrap by Coldbreak
    Magnetic Wrap, 54 Quart
    Magnetic Wrap by Coldbreak
    Magnetic Wrap 3 Floyds by Coldbreak
    Magnetic Wrap War Pigs by Coldbreak
    Magnetic Wrap 3 Floyds by Coldbreak
    Magnetic Wrap Group by Coldbreak

    Magnetic Wrap, 54 Quart

    Regular price$ 199.99

    3/4 Magnetic Wrap + Top

    • Magnetic wrap only (does not include jockey box)
    • Fits our FRONT input jockey boxes
    • Artwork created by you