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4 Tap Roto Jockey Box - Rear Inputs

$ 1,049.99

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Our flagship stainless steel jockey boxes have set the industry standard and earned their reputation for good reason. Still, sometimes due to demand, you just need to build a bigger boat. This is that boat.

Our Roto-molded editions raise the ante, especially in terms of durability. Built for those times when the environment or pouring situation are a little unforgiving and the last thing you have time to worry about is showing up with a knife to a gun fight, this one’s for you.

This 4-tap edition features 50’ food-grade stainless steel coils per line that hold approximately 17 oz of liquid inside a heavy-duty cooler that can withstand the rigors of the toughest events. If you’re dispensing sample pours at a festival or full pints while tailgating or camping, you want this jockey box. 

If you dig this design, require its durability, and need to fill full pitchers of beer non-stop for the masses, check out our 2-tap edition with 100’ coils. Or, if you need a more budget-friendly option for slightly less intense use, we’ve got you covered with our marine-grade editions.


  • Heavy-duty Roto-molded cooler
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Coil to shank assembly designed to prevent blowouts
  • Shank plates allow you to properly tighten your faucets and hold custom tap handles
  • Each coil holds and continuously chills over 17 oz of liquid
  • Custom COLDBREAK® Design
  • Every jockey box is hand-built in Michigan by COLDBREAK® and backed by our warranty


  • Stainless steel assembly
  • (4x) 50' x 5/16" OD stainless steel coils
  • (4x) Stainless steel faucets with black tap handles

Accessories & Dispensing Kit sold separately

Weight: 65 LBS (no ice)

Ice Capacity: ~45 LBS

Dimensions: 21.5"L x 31"W x 17"H

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