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Kegger Kit, Mini by Coldbreak
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PourOne™ Kegger Kit
PourOne™ Kegger Kit

PourOne™ Kegger Kit


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Keg Type
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  • Refillable 2-gallon keg
  • 74g CO2 cartridges last 4-5 kegs
  • Easy to clean
  • Professional grade parts made from stainless steel

Experience the sheer thrill of pouring your favorite beverage in any location with the "PourOne." This kit is all a beer or craft cocktail connoisseur could ever ask for when in need of serving a crowd. With a capacity for two gallons, our PourOne kit offers ultimate convenience and premium quality in one compact package.

At the heart of the PourOne kit is the 2-gallon Greg (growler keg), designed to safely contain and pour your beverage of choice. The small keg is accompanied by a mini-regulator and two 72g CO2 cartridges, which will dispense and maintain the carbonation levels of your beer or cocktail.

A Sankey D coupler adds a touch of professional-grade hardware, while the soft cooler ensures your drinks remain at the perfect temperature. With a generous volume of 2 Gallons / 7.57 Liters / 256 oz / 16 Pints, the PourOne guarantees a good time, anywhere.

  • Compact and portable, perfect for on-the-go usage.
  • 2-gallon Greg with spear removal tool.
  • Mini regulator ensures perfect pouring every time.
  • Two 72g CO2 cartridges to maintain the ideal carbonation level. Each cartridge can dispense up to 4 kegs.
  • Sankey D coupler for a professional touch.
  • Soft cooler keeps beverages at the optimal temperature.
  • Generous volume: 2 Gallons / 7.57 Liters / 256 oz / 16 Pints.

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