How to Start a Mobile Bar Company Right Now, Part 2

...continued from How to Start a Mobile Bar Company Right Now, Part 1

Once you’ve established the vision for your mobile bar catering service, put it to use and make some scratch.


Shameless plug, for good reason. Coldbreak’s in the business of manufacturing premium mobile draft equipment, and a jockey box is the first tool you want in your toolbox to pour beer anywhere. With a little bit of strategy, you can leverage it to start earning you money long before your actual mobile bar trailer is wheels down ready to roll.

While you’re sketching out the plans for your ideal mobile bar trailer buildout, you can rent out your jockey box. And you don’t even need to be there with it for it to earn a return. By now, you should be networking your way into different catering circles and event opportunities. There will inevitably be people who need a portable draft beer solution, but don’t have the means. Your jockey box is those means.

Whether it’s to lame Jane who didn’t do her homework, your neighborhood brewery in a pinch, or favorite local non-profit’s annual fundraiser, your jockey box is their missing link. You don’t have to be responsible for curating any alcohol or even serving it (but, you could add a couple line items to your invoice if you are). All you have to do is loan out your jockey box for the weekend and presto—you’re literally already in business. 

The beautiful thing about building your mobile bar business on the foundation of a jockey box is that once your trailer is finished, you will most likely be asked (over and over again) to provide a secondary, satellite bar station or need to cater two events at once. Problem already solved(!) because you can parlay your preexisting jockey box for that purpose.


Your jockey box is now on autopilot making you a little bit of money so you can focus on the business of building your mobile bar or beer trailer. While this post isn’t going to show you how to do that (stay tuned, though—that instruction is coming!), it is intended to point out one of the most critical aspects you should be planning for: draft beverages.

Your jockey box is versatile enough to do most of the heavy lifting. Because it’s portable and self-sufficient, you’d almost be wasting it if you tethered it to your mobile bar trailer exclusively. Once your trailer is operational, transition your jockey box to a secondary role for additional bar stations as needed.

Nearly identical to a jockey box, but with a simple modification designed specifically for mobile bars, spec the construction of your trailer to include a Jumper Box. It does exactly what a jockey box does—dispenses any kegged beverage anywhere. The critical difference (read: benefit) is that the faucets (i.e., its “taps”) are not attached to the cooler. This subtle mod allows for the flexibility to position the cooler (the box) out of your way inside the trailer in one place and your faucets installed anywhere else.

For example, you can add a professional draft tower to the service countertop of your trailer just like you’d see at the bar of your favorite taproom or taps to the exterior of your trailer if you’re doing high volumes of beer. Don’t worry, every component is made to be easily detached for cleaning and storage after your event.

Keep in mind, jockey boxes and Jumper Boxes are not limited to only beer. They can be used to dispense any kegged beverage. This is going to be particularly helpful when you decide to start offering cocktails on draft, flavored seltzers, cold brew coffee, or soda. Taking advantage of this equipment will set you apart from the competition by providing your guests with an experience that upholds the same integrity as any bar that’s not on wheels.