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4 Tap Roto Jumper Box

$ 899.99

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A Jumper Box™ is the solution for dispensing taproom quality draft beer—or any kegged beverage—in a mobile bar, beer trailer, or for any portable catering experience. 

Constructed identically with the same integrity as our premium jockey boxes, Jumper Boxes™ chill your beverage instantly as it flows through their food-grade stainless steel coils, kept cold by ice filled inside the cooler.

Their only difference is—rather than being limited to dispensing your beverage from a faucet attached directly to a jockey box, when your beverage exits a Jumper Box™ it travels through a second beverage line to its faucet in your own preferred location. The most popular applications include faucets mounted to the exterior of a beer trailer or as part of a countertop beer tower inside a mobile bar.

This valuable benefit allows you the flexibility to install your faucets (taps) anywhere it’s most convenient for the style of service you want to offer your guests and types of events you entertain.

See Input Location (further below) for additional considerations when picking a Jumper Box™ that’s right for you.

  • Heavy-duty Roto-molded cooler
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Reinforced coil-to-shank assembly designed to prevent blowouts
  • Heavy-duty shank plates
  • 50' coils hold and continuously chill more than a pint of liquid
  • Custom COLDBREAK® Design
  • Every jockey box is hand-built in Michigan by COLDBREAK® and backed by our warranty
More Product Information

Weight: 65 LBS (no ice)

Ice Capacity: ~45 LBS

Dimensions: 21.5"L x 31"W x 17"H

Input Location

InputsThe beverage lines—known as Keg Jumpers—that connect from your kegs to your Jumper Box™ attach to inputs that are located on the rear of the Jumper Box™. These rear inputs are on the opposite side of the faucet shank assemblies, from where your beverage is dispensed.

Having the inputs on the rear of your Jumper Box™ lends well to beer trailers with faucets mounted to the exterior of the trailer. Setup inside the trailer may include a layout where your Jumper Box™ is positioned on an elevated table or shelf (with multiple kegs placed underneath and spread out as space allows). 

Pro consideration: This design is especially beneficial, for example, where you might install more than one Jumper Box™ to accommodate multiple exterior taps, giving the bartender convenient access to change out kegs quickly.